Top Reasons Of Banned 8Ball Pool Account ( Don’t Try This )

Banned 8Ball Pool Account

So Guys, Today I’ll Tell You Why 8Ball Pool Account Was Banned. I ‘ll Discuss Some Reasons. If You Use Any Of These Then Your Account Was Banned Or Ban Shortly.

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Banned 8Ball Pool Account

Why 8Ball Pool Account Banned ?

Long Line Guidelines :- 

If You Use This Guidelines In Your Computer Or Mobile Then Your Account Was Banned After 2-3 Days. Because It’s 3rd Party Software And 8 Ball Pool Application Or Website Don’t Allow Any 3rd Party Software.

Cheat Engine Tricks :-

We Love Cheat Engine Because We Can Change Any Value And We Can Do Anything Of Use This Application, Few Days Ago A New Tricks Come If You Use Cheat Engine Then You Got 30 M Coins Free Of Cost Just Playing One Game. But Now This Time This Tricks Patched. And After 2-3 Days All Coins Are Gone. It’s just Small Time Tricks. Now This Time If You Use Cheat Engine Then Your Account Was Banned Immediately Because This Tricks Not Follow There Terms Of Condition. So Don’t Use Cheat Now This Time If You Use Then Strictly Banned You Account. Banned 8Ball Pool Account.

Refund Tricks :-

This Is My Favourite Tricks Because I Got My 7 Legendrey Cue To Use This Tricks, But Now This Time If You Use This Tricks Then First You Will Get A Soft Ban Your Account, Soft Ban Means Your All Coins And Weekly Winnings Reset. And You To Play Again To Increase Your Coins And And Weekly Winnings. If Your Account Is Tracked Again, It Will Be Banned Permanently. I Don’t Know Why They Have Banned Account For Use This Tricks. This Tricks Is Good And Follow There All Terms And Condition. I Made 1000 $ Cash To Use This Tricks. it’s Bad News For All 8Ball Pool Users. So Don’t Use This Tricks Now.

Coins Tricks :- 

Now I Am Telling About Coins Tricks. Its A Good Tricks. If You Use Tricks Continuous Then Your Account Will Get A Soft Ban Every Time. So According To Me Use This Tricks Only Your New Fake Account And Use This Tricks In A Day Atleast 10 Times. Then Your Account Safe Otherwise You’ll Get Soft Ban Every Time. If You Use This Tricks 10 Times Means 150’000’00*10=150,000,000 (150 M) It’s Good For New Players.

Note Some Information :-

If You Use Any Kind Of 3rd Party Software Or Application Then Your Account Was Banned, Because Their System Has Tracked Multiple Exploit Attempts From Your Account. Exploits Include, But Are Not Limited To, Trying To Transfer Coins Between Accounts, And Using Third Party Game Modifiers.

Banned 8Ball Pool Account

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8Ball Pool FAQ :- 

You might have some questions regarding this, to make it easier to understand and figure out what is happening, please take a look at the following information:

I was banned but I didn’t use any 3rd party applications or transferred coins!

We have a very reliable system that tracks and removes players from game when there is enough proof of exploits. Only accounts which repeatedly breach our Terms & Conditions are permanently banned.

 I would like to see proof.

Miniclip will NOT be sharing its tools and methods for finding and proving misuse and inappropriate behavior. Miniclip will also not provide you with the amount of instances or the dates on which they were tracked.

Someone else was playing with my account, it wasn’t me!

The security of each account is the responsibility of the owner as per the Terms & Conditions

But I received no warning!

Miniclip reserves the right to ban an account without it being previously flagged if such action is considered necessary.

Can I reopen my account, unlink it from Facebook or remove my email account?

No. If your account was Permanently Banned it will not be re-opened, deleted, reset or any details changed to it. The email associated with that account will not be usable to create a new account. 

I made purchases, is there anything you can do?

As a goodwill gesture we exceptionally offer to credit purchases made in the last 6 months in the banned account into a new account (created in the past 3 days).

For that you will just need to create a new ticket where you will add in the title “Transfer purchases from banned account” and include in the ticket both your receipts and your new unique ID.

Please note we will need screenshots of the full purchase receipts. Only purchases for which we receive full receipts will be credited onto the new account and we will only credit cash and coins, no special items, these will be credited as cash/coins.

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